Henry W Coil Library & Museum of Freemasonry

Founded in 1996 with a generous contribution from Henry Wilson Coil, Jr. in honor of his father, Henry W. Coil Sr., the library and museum collections chronicle the history of Freemasonry in California as well as the general history of Freemasonry.

The museum collection includes Masonic artifacts such as aprons, regalia, objects, medallions, jewels, photographs, certificates, and artwork related to Freemasonry from around the world, the United States, and California.

Freemason Network

The Freemason Network is hosted by The Supreme Council, 33° 1733 16th St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20009-3103. You must be a Mason to join the Freemason Network.

  • Masonic news and events from all over the US
  • Share the Light in discussion forums.
  • See Masonic pictures and videos
  • Join the Group for YOUR Grand Lodge!

My Freemasonry Masonic Forum

My Freemasonry is an online social networking site that provides a worldwide forum for Masons to discuss Freemasonry and its many appendant bodies.

My Freemasonry was started by a Masons for Masons but does not limit membership based on Masonic affiliation. Many good men have registered to ask “What is Masonry?” and “How do I join?” We welcome those who seek answers to those questions.

The Masonic Roundtable YouTube Channel

The Masonic Roundtable is a weekly panel of Masons from around the United States who discuss the latest and greatest in Masonic news, events, scholarship, and happenings. Join the conversation!

The Masonic Philosophical Society

The Masonic Philosophical Society embraces the concept of learning, not for school, but for life, and believes that all men, who seek it, deserve access to continued education. 

From the seven liberal arts to the arcane, we seek to gain and to share the knowledge that is the legacy of mankind.

Grand Lodge of Iowa Library

Using the Iowa Masonic Library Online Catalog

The Iowa Masonic Library uses Companion Software’s Alexandria Librarian for its online catalog.
Alexandria’s Researcher is the library gateway.
For information about using the catalog click here Alexandria Help

Masons of California Masonic Speaker Series

Join the Masons of California for an exciting and entirely digital speakers’ series featuring lectures and talks from Masonic experts on a range of topics. All events are totally free—to attend, simply register through On24 by clicking on the green button below. Spread the word about these informative online events.

UGLE Freemasonry Today Magazine

The United Grand Lodge of England’s magazine is available to read online or download. There are issues available from 2011 to the present.